Zamac perfume cap is made from zinc alloy metal, the surface is usually electroplated metallic colors, with a plastic inner lid, used as a sealing lid on perfume bottles.

In recent years, more and more brands, especially Niche and Luxury Perfume Brands, have chosen to use zamac caps for their perfume packaging. In Europe, major perfume brand has been used or zamac cap instead, zinc ally material is environmentally-friendly, compared with plastic.

Zamac perfume caps are popular because they can be made with various metalized finishes to make the full bottle look upscale, heavy and cool to the touch. A variety of shapes can be customized, and a variety of decorations and embellishments can be added to make the perfume cap unique, such as stones, crystals, enamel etc.

If you are thinking to change or upgrade perfume packaging, zamac perfume cap could be a nice option.